Hi, I'm Heather.  Naturally I love dogs and the great outdoors but I'm sure you've already guessed that much.  My love of animals has always been there, I don't know where it came from but my 'when I grow up' dream was always to be a vet.  That is until my Nan rather bluntly pointed out to me one day that, I couldn't be a vet, I'd always be crying, and she was absolutely right.  While I have such admiration for the Supervet, my vet and vets all over, they simply have an emotional strength that I believe is a stretch too far for me.  That said I still have a desire to connect with and improve the lives of our best friends.  


For me, leaving school was great for two reasons.  One, as an introvert, school life really wasn't suited to me, and two, I got to go to college to study animal management with other animal lovers.  From there I went on to get a degree in animal science and now I'm studying as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner. 

Heather's Personalised Pet Services came about because I was working in kennels when I was told business was drying up and I was no longer needed.  Job hunting was no picnic and all I could find was a little cleaning job with less than half the hours I was working before.  But sometimes it seems these things happen for a reason.  The lack of work pushed me to think of other opportunities so here I am, giving dogs the best walks I can and using my doggy know-how to give them a truly special service.


Some of the dogs that are closest to me have some ongoing struggles.  My family's first dog Shadow has always been what you'd call reactive towards other dogs and 3 dogs later, the most recent addition Dee Dee has some frustration and reactivity issues too.  I no longer live with that quirky bunch but they do get walks with me every week, and between the 4 of them I do 3 separate walks to cater to their unique needs.  Some people see nervous or reactive dogs and think they need a firmer hand or 'proper' discipline but when you take the time to consider why they behave the way they do and the underlying emotions, you can approach them with a more compassionate and productive mindset and even make a meaningful change to the way they feel and behave.      



Where we go, what we do in our time together, that all depends on what you want to get out of your dog's or pet's time with me.  I don't have set locations for walks or a generic routine for pet visits because I believe there is no one fits all solution to providing the best pet care.  I will find out from you and your pet how to best meet their needs and review how it's going regularly


I want pet care to be as accessable as possible to all pets.  Unlike some other pet care services, I don't require dogs to be neutered as this is a personal choice between the owner and pet, and animals with behavioural issues will be considered on an idividual basis provided it is agreed the service can be carried out safely and in the pets best interests.


As part of offerering a personalised service, I don't offer group walks, in which individual needs may go unmet, to ensure all dogs recieve maximum personalisation and my full undivided attention.




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