This is me and my beauty, Puppy (She's a papillon).  You can believe me when I say I know how hard it to trust anyone that isn't you with the pets we love so dearly.

I started Heather's Personalised Pet Service's because I had such a strong desire to work with animals.  I gained my diploma in Animal Management as soon as I left school and went on to get a degree in Animal Science at the same time getting experience in kennels and rehoming centres and there I was, qualified and ready to get out in the world.  But jobs were limited.  I knew I simply had to work with animals and I would find a way.  There was born Heather's Personalised Pet Services.  Now I get to offer pets and their owners a top notch, premium service and getting to see such lovely dogs and pets everyday really is living the dream.



Where we go, what we do in our time together, that all depends on what you want to get out of your dog's or pet's time with me.  I don't have set locations for walks or a generic routine for pet visits because I believe there is no one fits all solution to providing the best pet care.  I will find out from you and your pet how to best meet their needs and review how it's going regularly


I want pet care to be as accessable as possible to all pets.  Unlike some other pet care services, I don't require dogs to be neutered as this is a personal choice between the owner and pet, and animals with behavioural issues will be considered on an idividual basis provided it is agreed the service can be carried out safely and in the pets best interests.


As part of offerering a personalised service, I don't offer group walks, in which individual needs may go unmet, to ensure all dogs recieve maximum personalisation and my full undivided attention.




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