To a dog, a walk is not just a walk.  It's exercise, mental stimulation, play, scent detection... I could go on.  Every dogs experience is  different based on their inherited traits, perceptions based on past experiences and confidence levels to name just a few factors.  This is why I strongly believe solo walks are essential to meet the needs of an individual.
For some dogs, walks are a time to romp around, have fun and let off some steam.  These dogs are great because you can tap into their enthusiasm to really engage them in the environment and play games that are not only great fun but are also wonderful for building a strong relationship and work on essential training like recall. 

For others however, it's not quite so straightforward.  There are a whole host of potential struggles they may face when bracing the great outdoors.  Maybe they are a little nervous, not so keen on other dogs.  As loving guardians of our dogs, it can be a daunting thought finding someone you can trust to give them the care they need.

Whichever category your dog fits into (or maybe there're somewhere in between) that's okay.  All dogs have the right to exercise and feel safe and contented as they do so, regardless of their individual needs and quirks.  Some just need that extra bit of support, encouragement and most importantly, kindness. 

Give your dog the walks, experiences and the walker they truly deserve.

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  • 1-1 time with Heather

  • Welcome package

  • Travel to a variety dog friendly walking areas

  • Homemade treats on walks

  • EN13432 certified eco-friendly poop bags

  • Report cards if you're not home on return

30 Minutes                 £11.00
45 Minutes                 £13.50
60 Minutes                 £16.00



All of the benefits of the Standard package plus:

  • Enrichment activities

  • Fun, positive training 

  • Weekly photo updates

60 Minutes                 £20.00
90 Minutes                 £27.00

Man with his Dog


For dogs that need extra support