To a dog, a walk is not just a walk.  It's exercise, mental stimulation, play, scent detection, I could go on.  Every dogs experience of walks is different.  For some it's time to romp around, let ofsome steem and enjoy to the max the world around them. 

For others however, it's a different story.  Maybe to them the world looks more of a scary place where there are loud intrusive noises, big bad dogs and unnerving strangers.

If you have one of those optimistic, life loving dogs, great!  Lets give them what they want and take it to the next level with fun adventures, exploring the great outdoors and all of the amazing experiences that come with it.

Or are you one of those people with a dog you might describe as, nervous, fearful, reactive or any of those other labels us humans like to use.  That's okay.  These guys deserve walks they can enjoy as much as any other dog, but they might need extra support and understanding to feel comfortable and safe.  Remember a walk is not just a walk to a dog. There isn't much benefit to walks if they don't enjoy them, and when it comes to feeling good and having fun, there is always room for improvement.


Give your dog the walks, experiences and the walker they truly deserve.


Solo walks only.  

Arrange a free consultation with me today. 


Premium Package                 From £11.00 per walk 

Choose a length of time that suits your dog best, 30, 45 or 60 minutes

  • 1-1 time with me

  • Welcome package

  • Travel to a variety dog friendly walking areas

  • Homemade treats

  • Biodegradable poop bags

  • Report cards if you're not home on return

Elite Package                          From £20.00 per walk (1 - 1.5 hour walks)

All of the benefits of the Premium package plus:

  • Enrichment activities

  • Fun, positive training 

  • Activity report with extra pictures






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