Have a full-time job?  Does your limited mobility stop you getting your dog out?  Is your dog bouncing off the walls (and driving you crazy) with all their excess energy.

That's where I come in.  Providing enrichment, exercise and stimulation galore through regular walkies.

No big groups where individual needs go unnoticed and unmet.  Your best friend deserves the best.  They will have my sole and full attention as they exercise their bodies, brains and noses.  

Walks with me are not being left to their own devices, running up to every dog they come across getting up too no good.  And we don't just go a park, throw a ball for an hour until they reach physical exhaustion and damaging their bodies.  My walks are a combination of sniffaries, games, exercises that suit their age and personality and building on essential training such as  reliable recalls.  And that's all on top of the wonderful variety of places we will go.

These walks will truly enhance the quality of your dogs life.  Nothing is more rewarding in life to me than the joy of a dog, and that is a gift I would like to pass on to you.






  • 1-1 time with Heather

  • Welcome package

  • Travel to a variety dog friendly walking areas

  • Homemade treats on walks

  • EN13432 certified eco-friendly poop bags

  • Report cards if you're not home on return

30 Minutes                 £11.00
45 Minutes                 £13.50
60 Minutes                 £16.00


Enrichment Walks

All of the benefits of the Premium package plus:

  • Enrichment activities

  • Fun, positive training 

  • Weekly photo updates

60 Minutes                 £20.00
90 Minutes                 £27.00

Man with his Dog

Behavioural Support Walks

For dogs that need extra support





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