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 Behavioural Walks are for dogs that need extra support to have walks.  

Do you find walking your dog increasingly stressful?
Are you embarrassed by their behaviour and fed up of the judgmental looks from other dog walkers?
Have you become worried that they are getting worse and nothing you have tried has helped?
Are you worried about the safety of your dog, yourself or others when you walk your dog?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then Behavioural Walks are exactly what you need.

You know that your dog needs walking but the stress and embarrassment has become overwhelming.  So they aren't getting as many walks as they probably should which you know isn't helping.  You feel guilty but don't know what to do about it. You love them so much but your at a loss of how to help them and it's putting strain on your relationship.

It might feel like your the only one in this struggle when you see all the other dog walkers out having a stress free walks with their dogs but dog reactivity is more common than you think.  There are a whole host of behaviours that earn the dog the reactive label including barking at other dogs or people, lunging on the lead at dogs or cars, all the way up to aggression.  The cause behind these behaviours are usually fear, frustration and stress.  Essentially, these behaviours show that the dog is unable to cope and needs much more support than your average dog. They are NOT bad dogs.

If you want to get the help your dog needs, give them Behavioural Walks. With experience with supporting and managing reactive dogs, I use kind coaching techniques to help dogs cope with the things they struggle with on walks.  Keeping them, myself and everyone around us safe.  

If this sounds like exactly what your dog needs, get in touch.  No judgement, no criticisms, just understanding, support and opportunities await.

30 Minutes         £14.00
45 Minutes         £17.50
1 hour                  £20.00